Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dear The People

We can't apologise enough for the complete lack of content here over the past few months.
However, we have not been idle. Although they've been slowed by a traumatic computer crash, duodenum-splinteringly exciting new projects are on their way.
Not least:

* A 6-part radio comedy series, with sketches, music and funny noises to boot, entitled Rust

* A new Fearful Symmetries album, entitled The Apocalypse Tree. In the meantime, the Fearful Symmetries and their new recordings can be found here

* A vastly expanded [rhexisFEATURE] section containing the best of previous articles, and some new work that's not been posted here yet.

* Repeated references to David Cameron as "wee mad davie".

* Continued renovation and improvement of Rhexis services, including hopefully organising a streaming player for the [MUSIC] section.

* Something approaching regular, lucid content.

* A webcomic entitled "The New Adventures of Dracula".

IN THE MEANTIME, please feast your thinking-organs on two recent pieces, one about cameras and the other about fascists.

Be seeing you.