Monday, October 02, 2006

Propaganda Frequency Jamming

The above is the slogan for the Tory Party Conference in Bournemouth. "A New Direction". Say it. Say it again. Roll it over your tongue. Sounds a bit like something a bit rude, doesn't it? In fact, now I think about it, it sounds EXACTLY like "A Nude Erection". Right. Let's try a very simple attempt at a bit of a meme here.

This is David Cameron. He understands the working man's plight, having undergone intensive training for government at Eton and The Bullingdon Club. He is the leader of the Conservative party. He wants to show you his nude erection for the Conservative party.

"Would you like to see my bold nude erection for the Conservative Party"

How do you feel about this man's nude erection?


[My theory is that the PR firm hired by the Tories has many employees whose parents were miners, and this is their understated way of getting revenge. Spread this. I hate the smarmy git]


At 11:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your theory has one huge glaring flaw in it: "people whose parents were miners" (that is, miners affected by the strikes of '84-'85) are most likely to have grown up in very hard times, not been able to afford to live in the cachment areas of decent schools, and hence would not have been able to get such high-flying jobs as those in PR agencies.

And since you obtained an Oxford education yourself, and are therefore part of the highest academic and social elites in this country, what makes you qualified to bash someone similarly educated on the basis that they aren't in touch with "the working man's plight"? How well in contact are you with "the working man's plight" for that matter? Or is it just another example of post-adolescent rebellion and armchair sociaism so beloved of the privileged and educated few who believe they can change the lifestyles of people in less affluent social groups without ever living the life themselves or communicating with the people in said groups in a meaningful manner? I'm sure you may start talking sense once you've experienced the real world outside of the dreaming spires and all the trials therein.

And also, by posting this, which political party are you trying to convert potential voters to? That was the one point that really escaped me.

At 1:07 am, Blogger Withiel said...

uq4ceja24- fuckoff, spambot, your post will be deleted.

Anonymous. I would argue that 1) you're making a bit of a social generalisation there that might not be accurate across the board, and 2) that what makes me qualified to "bash" Cameron's privileged educational and monetary status is that while I do indeed have a place at Oxford, I am by no means a member of any socially exclusive club or committee (such as the Bullingdon Club), and attempt at all times to act in awareness of my priveliged position. Furthermore, I have never paid for my education prior to my tuition fees at Oxford. Furthermore, I do have some understanding of being in a position of not knowing where the next meal is coming from &c, or at least more so than the fat-faced Old Etonian crypto-fascist that wants to "abolish republicanism". I would argue that although priveliged by my race, gender and class, I have tried fairly consistently to reject or at least be aware of these unfair benefits, and cultivate a wider social awareness. Cameron has done none of these things. He has not apologised for his membership of the archetypally yobbish Bullingdon Club, nor has he attempted to connect with anyone who doesn't have the means to own an Aga. I can't claim not to be post-adolescent, because that's the age group I fall into, nor can I identify what communication in a meaningful manner entails, but I try to have a sense of "the real world" outside of my admittedly narrow experience as much as possible. Furthermore, I am not standing for office. At no point have I said that I deserve to be Prime Minister. Mr. Cameron, however, has put himself in a position of public scrutiny and therefore must suffer slings and arrows as he justly deserves.
Finally, I think it short-sighted to assume that every political comment must be in favour of a party over that condemned. I encourage all readers to vote in cohesion with their own conscience - hopefully neither for the war criminals and fascists of New Labour nor for the reactionary bigots of the Conservative back bench. Apart from that, it's frankly up to you

At 12:36 pm, Blogger Withiel said...

Furthermore, anonymous, now I've sobered up, I resent my education being compared to that of "The People's Dave" Cameron - I went to state schools and earned my university place through being good at what I do. My college provides large bursaries for those not able to cope with the financial burden of studenthood. And I'm hardly in the social elite - I would be refused membership of Davey-boy's Bullingdon club on the grounds of my genealogy, my educational history, and the fact that I don't have any money.
Moreover, I find your insistence that anyone whose parents were miners (or, I suppose, someone equivalently fucked with by Evil Maggie) would never be able to achieve such a lofty position as that of PR rep to the Tories frankly incredibly fucking condescending and indicative of the sort of insidious class prejudice held by an awful lot of people.

At 1:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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