Monday, October 02, 2006

Propaganda Frequency Jamming

The above is the slogan for the Tory Party Conference in Bournemouth. "A New Direction". Say it. Say it again. Roll it over your tongue. Sounds a bit like something a bit rude, doesn't it? In fact, now I think about it, it sounds EXACTLY like "A Nude Erection". Right. Let's try a very simple attempt at a bit of a meme here.

This is David Cameron. He understands the working man's plight, having undergone intensive training for government at Eton and The Bullingdon Club. He is the leader of the Conservative party. He wants to show you his nude erection for the Conservative party.

"Would you like to see my bold nude erection for the Conservative Party"

How do you feel about this man's nude erection?


[My theory is that the PR firm hired by the Tories has many employees whose parents were miners, and this is their understated way of getting revenge. Spread this. I hate the smarmy git]