Monday, May 16, 2005


Government set to push through ID card legislation.

As opposed to ranting about this, as you've no doubt come to expect, I'm going to throw this one open - what do you reckon we can actually do about it? Personally, I say mass demonstration while burning the bloody things very obviously, but as they'll cost about £30 there are many who won't dare. Come on, comment away...we don't bite.


At 3:53 pm, Blogger Sable X. Veins said...

Actually, I bite. But the attenuation effects of 6,000ft of elevation and several thousand miles of seperation negate any Sangarian excesses.

Before we get upset, the important questions are:
1. Will biometric data (other than a photgraph), and most importantly fingerprints, irises, DNA be recorded as part of the programme, and if so, will they be displayed on the card? The recording of such data is a clear violation of our right to anonymity, and increases the power and scope of identity fraudsters.
2. Will we be legally required to carry an ID card? If so, is it acceptable merely to own one, or must it be about our persons at all times? Will the Police be given the power to demand identification during random searches?

In other news, my flat was raided by the Police last night. They were investigating a noise complaint. I had to hide in my room and pretend to be 21. Luckily, my flatmates were compliant, and so they didn't search upstairs.

At 5:03 pm, Blogger Sable X. Veins said...

I apologise for my ill-informed last post.

News in the States rarely includes any international bulk. The answers to my questions are:

1. Yes, as part of an unprecedented and ill-defined "National Register", but not displayed.

2. Not yet, but these are distinct "function creep" possibilities.


LIBERTY: Civil liberties and human rights

NO2ID NETWORK: Anti-ID campaign group


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