Thursday, April 28, 2005

Get Out of My House

I came home to discover a veritable mountain of UKIP propaganda on the doormat. The occasional "I'm great, vote for me" leaflet from your local candidate I can understand (you'd have to actually be living under a rock to not know anything about the party leaders), but I swear to god I think this guy stuck his university dissertation in there as well (or at least someone's dissertation; we are talking about UKIP after all). After I'd crawled around this mesa of dead tree, I had time to be suitably annoyed at all this paper on my floor that I wasn't even going to read. Thus:

PROBLEM: A number of people irritated by the influx of large amounts of propaganda from a party they don't even like.

SOLUTION: Said people find the address of the local candidate and collect as much of their own preferred party's material as they can. They then shove it all through his letter box. Propaganda'd!

(NB: Please do not actually expect me to partake of any of this. I'm far too lazy).


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