Monday, February 21, 2005

Please Do Not Take This Seriously

A door was thrown open, its glass shattering as it hit the wall.

Pennyfeather strode through the door, his behatted silhouette forming a striking figure against the twilight sky. He paused, taking a moment to look around, and then strode towards the the man at the counter.

"Ah, Mister Pennyfeather!" scolded the man. "You-"

"Cram it, specs," opined Pennyfeather. He jumped over the counter, grabbed the man by the face, and started kicking him repeatedly in the testicles. The man began to scream and flail about, knocking Pennyfeather's hat off, to which he reacted by biting off the man's nose.

Pennyfeather grabbed the man's neck and threw him up onto the counter. He reached for his shin and unsheathed a hunting knife. Laughing with glee, Pennyfeather tore the man's shirt off and ripped his chest open with the knife, exposing his major organs. The man started to gurgle.

Pennyfeather dropped his slacks and began to masturbate furiously, blowing his milky seed into the man's gaping chest. He pulled his trousers up with a satisfied grunt and then bent over to retrieve his hat.

"That's what I think of your library fines."



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