Friday, February 04, 2005

I am the King of the Internet and also of Blogs

Withiel and I have been talking about reworking this site recently. I'm getting bored of this design and Mr. Black wants to change some of the functionality of the site. This will probably mean that I will design and build a new site, with assistance and consultancy from Withiel. Possible features include*:

  • A nice new design;

  • The redirecting straight to this journal, with any other content being linked from here;

  • Therefore, a navigation thingy on this page;

  • A "links we like" section on this page;

  • If we can find nice hosting, more content outside this journal such as artwork and music or whatever;

  • A hit tracker, so that we can take daily ego bashings;

  • A Rhexis flickr account.

Hopefully, all this should culminate in a site that's more likely to generate hits, and bring back repeat hits, because we like that sort of thing.

If anyone has any suggestions for new features, something they'd like to see on the new site, cool links they want to share or anything else, add a comment to this post or drop me a line.



* Look at me, using a list. That's fucken posh, inneht.


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