Sunday, February 20, 2005

Burn it to the ground...

The fact that you touch yourself at night does not mean that you are going to die painfully.

Homosexuality is not a social disease, nor is it a threat to your children. There is no homosexual agenda.

For fuck's sake, get off your collective arses and take a moment to actually think about what's going on around you. Just because people tell you supposed "facts" about the world does not mean that you have to unquestioningly accept them. There's no need to just sit down and let yourself be pushed into whatever role others have assigned to you. God knows it took me long enough to work that one out, and I've got plenty of emotional scars to show it.

Utter fucking bollocks to your "family values". We're not interested in your clich├ęd view of life. You can hang onto it if you insist, but we'll have nothing to do with it, and to hell with you if you try and force it on us. Cocksockets to your pinstripe suits, short-back-and-sides and "common decency". The mere fact that we're considerably more interesting than you are does not make us "weird".

We are the counter-culture, and we have dared to be different. If you have a problem with that, there is a good chance that we couldn't care less.

Go on, think. I dare you.



Ah, there's nothing like a good rage-induced rant of a Sunday evening.


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