Friday, July 08, 2005

This changes nothing.

Yesterday, a large number of people were killed by a small group of repugnant fundamentalist murderers* in London. This was in every way a crime against humankind, and a shocking demonstration of the lengths some individuals (I hesitate to call them people) will go to further their own ends. At this time, President Bush thought it appropriate to make a speech contrasting his own work for the Good of Humankind to the Nasty things the Terrr'sts did in London. He was completely and utterly mistaken. Although he may not share an ideology with the perpetrators of these attacks, he too is responsible for using the bombing of civilians to get what he wants. Being a major state is no excuse. There is no justification for these actions. From anyone. Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush seem to want us to see this issue in black and white; there are Good People Like Us, and there are Nasty People Who Are Not Like You Who Want To Blow You Up. I feel that the issue is black and white, but not in the way they would like us to see it: There are civilised people, who progress through debate and communication, and there are murderous fuckwits who force their will on others through violence and fear. The bombers in London and President Bush in Gleneagles both fall in the latter group, and it is my fervent hope that if any good comes of these tragic events, it will take the form of a mass public rejection of these tactics of threats and murder. Just because one lot want to protect "us" does not mean that they are not equally morally repugnant. I want a future where these repulsive creatures are remembered only in history books, as the last throes of a long-extinct ideology. I never want this to happen again, in London, Iraq, New York or Afghanistan.
London will recover - it's more than used to the threat of terrorism, and people will come together, rebuild what has been destroyed, and help the people who have been hurt by this. And then, hopefully, they'll reject both sets of murderers who made this tragedy possible.

*I'm not shouting "It was Osama! It was! I know it!" until I see more proof than some crackpot on a messageboard.

Furthermore. Those in other countries - we don't all support that whining poodle of a man Mr. Blair's policies. Remember:


At 4:48 pm, Blogger Sable X. Veins said...

An admirable hope. Unfortunately, I have little faith that those who share our view of the sensical moralistic "black/white" divide will be able to achieve a majority whilst the Ministry of Truth - er, I mean - British tabloids disseminate the "correct" opinion for every "patriotic" Englishman.


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