Thursday, July 07, 2005

Serious incident on London Transport

This is going up live as we get the reports. Keep refreshing for more updates.

By the looks of it, all transport systems in London are down - advice is to not go in if you're not there, and to stay where you are and keep away from windows if you're in already. - OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT WARNING: "People in London do not attempt to move around city, stay where you are. All transport routes are closed, trying to minimise movements of people to avoid chaos. Do not call emergency services unless incident is life threatening."

BBCnews24 reports possible bomb incidents at the following stations:
Edgware Rd
Kings Cross
Liverpool St
Russell Sq
Aldgate East, but not all of these are necessarily explosions.

Press Association

Sky says three bus explosions as of now, Mobile networks are DOWN, in order to prevent more bombs being triggered, so advice is not to panic if trying to get through to anyone in London and use their landlines if possible.
Reports on fatalities not consistent yet, but at least one person is in "serious condition".

MORE: Guardian website is also down for the moment, but it is claimed to have quoted eyewitnesses who saw 'bodies, some missing arms and legs' at Tavistock Square, 'bodies everywhere' at Liverpool Street. This has not yet been substantiated as far as I can tell.

Pictures from Aldgate
One? of the buses.
BBC NewsONLINE is down, including the text only service.

BBCNEWS24 has confirmed evidence of a bomb at Tavistock Square.

Possibility of people being trapped under Euston Street Station. Another reported bus explosion at Houndsditch near Liverpool Street.

MORE: Anyone in London - further explosions will be heard as police set off controlled detonations of other devices.

Guardian website is now working again, but I don't know for how long: the link is here

BBC World Service webstream is NOT DOWN and can be accessed here

It looks like the rumours of a "power surge" were a cover story - the national grid claim that there's been "no problems with its system that could have contributed to the incidents".
No confirmed deaths, but eyewitnesses report bodies under sheets, and ITV have an "official government source" talking about 20 or 30 possibly dead.
SWINDON and BRIGHTON stations reported evecuated.
Televised statement from the Prime Minister at midday from London Gleneagles.
The army are on the streets at Covent Garden.
Very comprehensive constantly updating coverage at the Guardian newsblog
Sky's timeline of events
The Londonist has more coverage. "Arab sources" and the BBC claim that it's Al Quaeda that's responsible.
Windows Media Player Live BBC News feed

Blair has confirmed that these are terrorist attacks, will leave Gleneagles to gain reports, but the summit will continue: TRANSCRIPT FOLLOWS

"It is the will of all the leaders of the G8 that the meetings should continue in my absence.. we should discuss and reach the conclusions we were going to reach. each of the countries around the table have experienced terrorism, so they understand what the UK is going through. It is particularly barbaric that this has happened on a day where peole are meeting to help the problems of poverty in Africa, climate change and the environment. It is clear that is a terrorist attack linked to the opening of the G8. We will talk later about this, it's important however that those engaged in terrorism realise that our determination to defend our values and way of life is greater than their determination to cause death and destruction to innocent people in their desire to impose extremism on the world. It is our determination that it will not succeed, either in this country, or any other civilised country around the world."


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London's on every front page today. There was a George "Collateral Damage" Bush quote in USA Today decrying the evil of people who would kill innocent civilians to further their cause, which complements his "commitment" to pay lip-service to the aims of the G8 convention rather fittingly. Security on American urban public transport systems has been stepped up.

Interestingly, London has a larger, more complex, and passenger-heavy system than even New York. A very clever disruption.


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