Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Parents' Television Council Are Talentless Hacks

Exhibit A

Oh, how witty! Of course, coming from a pro-censorship parents' association, they're basically biting themselves in the foot on that one. Somehow, those saviours of the media, the "Parents Television Council"* seemed to have failed to notice that it's their fault that their kids are playing M-Rated games. That's right, not the regulation organisations, who have clearly marked the game as Mature, but the parents too dense to work out what it is they're buying their children! You just try and get them to admit that, though.

But wait, what's this?

Could it be, a near identical comic from Penny Arcade, a gaming comic? Dating as far back as 2001? How coulr you betray us like this, "Parents Television Council"?

Be sure to tell Mr. Jerry Seltzer, the man behind these "comics", just what you think of this at

EDIT: Just to drive the point home, I thought I'd point out that Seltzer's "comic" is dated 2003.


*By the way chaps, it's "Parents'". Pity they never learned how to use an apostrophe.


At 10:38 pm, Blogger Sable X. Veins said...

How, precisely, computer games fall under the remit of the "Parents Television Council" is a little beyond me.

The "Parents Media Council", perhaps. Then they could also cover things like music, films and magazines.

Or maybe even the "Parents' Media Council".

Pardon my nit-picking, but I really don't feel that an association as vacuous, buck-passing and ineffectual as the PTC is worth any more of my time and effort than it takes to mock their self-important, grammatically incorrect, parametrically inaccurate nomenclature.

What was the South Park song? Oh yes:

"Blame Canada! Blame Canada!"



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