Thursday, August 26, 2004


Dateline: Durango, Colorado.

I'm not apologising for not posting, because this is my holiday. So there.
However, because I am magnanimous and lots of other similar things, here is a post. Huzzah!
On the site news front, the aloofhosting account has come through, meaning that as soon as I get home on the 29th, there will be lots of updates of the imagey variety. Meanwhile, have a link to my coolgoose account, where you can hear three two demo versions of songs I've recorded here.
I've been travelling America for the past 11 days, and therefore have lots and lots of inspiration with which to draw and paint. But they have yet to discover the flatbed scanner over here, apparently. So you'll have to wait until either I get back or my sketchbook is found in the wreckage of my crashed BA flight.
It's odd out here, actually - the skies are so enormous, and the shadows so flat, that it's clearly a land optimised for screaming monotheism or suicide. Also, I have advice on visiting Wyoming. It's this:


There's honestly nothing there, bar Yellowstone National Park, and lots and lots of scrubland.
Anyway, I must conclude this post due to possible time running out in the internet cafe, but hopefully the site wiill be back to normal (and better) soon.



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