Sunday, September 10, 2006

"I'm fed up with this hypocrisy."

I apologise to all of you beforehand: I'm not good at expressing myself in written form - a scientist trying to speak to "Poet-warriors"! The inspiration for this comes from a song I've been listening to recently:

You might call me damaged goods,
But I'm one of a kind.

And if you're thinking about changing my direction,
Don't mess with imperfection.

"Don't Mess With Imperfection" - Saving Jane

I claim the inspiration for these thoughts as listening to this song. The thoughts are about gender inequalities in the conventions of present Western societies; I don't mean to belittle the inequalities that many females experience, or imply that they are less serious, but simply to highlight one of those of males.

It's that, for the most-part, it's seen as a positive and healthy thing for a female to act and respond in a manner in accordance with the above lyrics: being individual, being honest about one's faults and differences to the "perfect individual" is to be encouraged. It's OK to be graceful or not, to be stylish or not, to be feminine - or not. The above words form an image in my mind of several friends getting together and talking about how chauvinistic men are to expect a feminine ideal. Females who are themselves and not conformers to feminine ideals beyond what they themselves want are, in my experience, lauded by male and female friends alike, and even many sections of the media. A male who doesn't follow the normal genderal model is ignored by most of these; people don't quite know how to react. I don't mean all people, of course there are accepting pockets, including most Goth subcultures. However in most of the "Real World" people react at best with nervous laughter, and at worst with intolerance, discrimination.

The individuality and nonconformity to feminine ideals beyond the desire of the individual is often an attractive trait to males in the "Real World". Whilst many females will accept the right of a male to express himself, they will show discrimination which, were it to be happen in reverse, would be considered utterly unacceptable. I give the example that a male telling a female who has expressed an interest in a relationship with the former that they will only go for it if the girl in question will only wear skirts and dresses; this would be seen as completely unreasonable, yet if it were a female saying to a male in a like situation that they are required to only wear trousers, it is seen as something within the realms of personal taste: what different people are attracted to, or something that is within the individual's discretion, or some other such excuse.

I suppose this is probably an observation that, for most people reading this, doesn't even need to be even stated, but I like to consider the preconceptions and hypocrisies I see in the worldviews of others, and those in my own. I'm fed up with this hypocrisy.

So long as you come here honestly as a self-respecting, thorough convinced scoundrel, justifying your scoundrelism and proud of it, you are welcome... I like a man to be true to himself, even in wickedness.

"Candida" - Shaw


At 9:07 pm, Blogger Sable X. Veins said...

This hypocrisy is the unfortunate extent to which Feminism has been perverted in the Jane (and John) Q. Public's psyche. The core complaint of gender, race, &c. -equality movements is that of biological essentialism; that certain traits are the unalienable physiological property of specific groups is both false and easy to revert to. Unthinking "Feminists" will resort to female chauvinism, missing the underlying point of the movement.

They key, as always, is to hypothetically reverse roles and examine one's difference in response.


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