Sunday, August 27, 2006


In the hope of reigniting debate and discussion, The Rhexis has formed a LiveJournal community, designed to operate in place of the failed discussion board that was implemented in summer 2005.

This community will be open to anyone who wishes to join, and everyone will have the right to comment and discuss all topics posted there. Posting will be limited to writers we already know, and anyone who applies to us in order that they may be vetted for vague literary competence.

The Rhexis main site will remain in operation as a hub, and for the posting of longer articles and music, whilst The Rhexis LJ community will exist for extended topical discussion, stub articles and link-posts, and introduction of new writers and artists.

We have further plans to propagate a Rhexis presence on all major online communities, including MySpace, Bebe, Orkut, &c. We may even have a Rhexis avatar wandering around Habbo Hotel, and inviting other users to "FUCK THE POPE" and "RAZE THE MONARCHY". We'll see.

The Rhexis on LJ.


At 2:13 pm, Anonymous Chris said...

404 error on the link. SORT IT OUT MAN.

At 2:49 am, Anonymous s161 said...


At 11:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On a totally unrelated note, where be Withiel for I have caught neither hide nor hair of him on here or anywhere else in a long time... - Oscilnut.


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