Sunday, August 27, 2006

[rhexisMUSIC] presents Voluntary Jetsam

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For your aural blood-letting, the second recording of my voice on the internuts (the first, a song entitled "Sugar Rush", a two-minute rock oddysey by The Harmonic Discords, can be found here.

Find below the second, written for but never performed by The HDs, and now recorded in the spirit of The Fearful Symmetries, "Voluntary Jetsam".

Music and Lyrics Sable X.Veins
Guitars SXV
Vocals SXV and Withiel S. Black
Drums Buzz
Engineering and Production WSB

I came to realise
I'm sulphur in your eyes
Struck off against sunlit skies
I came to realise

When the moon bursts
Just run away
When the tide strikes
Cut yourself astray

Trusting sparks to an unlit sea
Risking loss of my capacity
Flick'ring flashes sputter falt'ringly
Trusting sparks to an unlit sea

When the welt spurts
Let the tether fray
When the storm hits
Cut yourself astray

I'm volunt'ry jetsam
And I'm all at sea
I'm a bright spark
Don't drown me out

I'm the shards in your palm
Rub me off and be free
I'm strangeness and charm
Hear me out

When the storm hits

Now listen.


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