Sunday, July 30, 2006

Yep, Israel's Fucked

I find it very, very hard to give a damn about the Middle East. I know that's not right, and it's certainly not in general character, but it's true.

When this latest tiring episode of the petty, bitter, and seemingly interminable turmoil in that region was reported, BBC News ran the headline "MIDDLE EAST CRISIS". When, since my birth or yours, has it not been in crisis? This series of erosive conflicts has been progressing without promise of resolution for over eight decades. The "Middle East Crisis" is a state of being, a normality, for those of us young enough not to have fought Kaiser Wilhelm's hordes of pointy-hatted Huns. I can't imagine Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, et al, not shelling, raiding, sacking, raping, or suicide bombing one another over trivial border disputes or dogmatic differences.

Part of me has given up caring; part of me has given hope of ever achieving peace; part of me just doesn't know better.

Cross-posted from a comment I made on this post on my friend Adam's LiveJournal. His LJ is very good for intricate dissection of Israeli and Israelite culture and politics, by the way.


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