Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Thou Shalt Not Feelgood

This chap saw fit to send a friend request to my MySpace yesterday.


After a mere smattering of research, I have discarded the mitigation that Pastor Joel's feelgood sermons are harmless, innocuous, and genuinely help some people feel better in their lives on the grounds that he has become more than a motivational speaker - he is some people's RELIGION. He is worse than Narnian Christianity, with the same flaws - those of failing to challenge or discuss any of the religion's deepset moral conflicts. What little moral value I see in genuine religions stems from this very internal questioning and reassessment - which allows the faithful to resolve dogmatic conflicts and, more importantly, create their own moral code.

Furthermore, he tithes. Oh boy, does he tithe.

Hypocritical, mind-thieving, greedy, evangelical tumour.

EDIT 06 Jr 06
After further research and much discussion, Withiel and I have decided that our original impulse to Bother Joel Osteen will be ignored. It seems that, although he is a manipulative shit and a con-artist, he is so on a local rather than a global scale; furthermore, his views on women's choice, homosexual rights and non-Christian religion seem almost tolerant (if confused and woolly). All in all, we much prefer him to, say, the pope, or almost any other Christian figurehead. We feel that the more he is allowed to preach his current wishy-washy sub-bullshit, the more believers he keeps from true fundamentalism. Maintaining Pastor Joel, mind-numbing and exploitative though he may be, is the lesser of two evils.


At 6:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can't seem to see this guy, it just comes up with a login screen. Incidentally, i met some christians outside a club and they were trying to make me believe their god. Apparently i'm going to hell without passing go and do not collect £200. Feel sorry for me will you


p.s. could you come up with a crazy cool name for myself, i feel left out of your clique

At 3:07 pm, Blogger Sable X. Veins said...

Howsabout Edgar Trumpet-Violet?


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