Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The End is Nigh: Update

Ah, the Supreme Court. Judicial wing of the United States federal government. Responsible for interpreting the Constitution to provide policies on such subjects as abortion, gay rights, disestablishmentarianism, euthanasia, rights to privacy... Little things like that.

This man is our new Chief Justice. Unfortunately, during his judicial hearing, he consummately failed to express his position on... er... any of the controversial constitutional issues on which he was questioned. Yet he was STILL confirmed by a 78-22 Senatorial landslide. How Democrats and Independents can possibly justify confirming a conservative candidate without any genuine discussion of his policies is entirely beyond me. True, he would still have been confirmed by a 55-45 Republican majority, but it would have looked an awful lot better on the books, and have provided vital support for any anti-Roberts arguments if and when.

Good news for abortionists! King George II's proposed candidate for the remaining position in the Supreme Court is this lady. Not only has she - er - never been a judge - but she has been a prominent component of various pro-life organisations and anti-choice cases. "President" Bush refuses to reveal her position on women's rights, claiming that he has never discussed abortion with her. If this is true, perhaps he ought to look into - maybe - doing his job and "having the talk" with his new candidate. If it is untrue, well - her position on women's rights is already abundantly clear. Oh, and she's unmarried, has never given birth, and has never brought up children. This, of course, makes her eminently qualified to take informed decisions on the subject of abortion. Yes.

Hell will not be expecting a world-sized handbasket quite yet, however. Tom "Corruption Incarnate" DeLay, (former) house majority leader, has been indicted*! TWICE! I can't contain my orgasmic joy. Seriously, somebody pass me some tissues, it's messy down here.

Sable X. Veins
USA Correspondent
Cedar City, UT

*This word is pronounced "in-dy-ted", and not "in-dick-ted", as I had previously surmised.


UPDATE: And there's a warrant out for his arrest in Texas.


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