Monday, July 18, 2005

The Burnham Trophy

My one-act play, Commeducation, the source sonnet for which was published in this journal, has won the theatre festival in which it was entered.

Written under my nom de plume, "J.R.S. Ivens", and directed by Mike Ivens, it will be entered into national public theatre festivals next year.

I smell success for both myself and The Rhexis, genitals and ladymen. Let's make the most of this.



At 9:04 am, Blogger Withiel said...

Hurrah, hurroo and other exclamations of joy! Having read the play in question, I can categorically state that it more than deserved to win, too. Wine will be drunk in your honour, good sir.

At 10:40 pm, Blogger Thaddeus "B." Glands said...


(Let me read it).


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