Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Some of you may have noticed my recent fall-off in posting. I have been released from my duties in the Marketing Department because the season opens on Friday. As such, I am no longer able to spend seven hours a day aimlessly drifting through cyberspace, and am forced to adjourn to the public library.

I will post when and where I can; however, be aware: Sable X. Veins is henceforth and indefinitely on sabbatical.



At 9:18 pm, Blogger Thaddeus "B." Glands said...

Good luck opening your season and remember to try oiling the hinges if it's a little stiff.

At 10:42 pm, Blogger Sable X. Veins said...

Aye-aye, Horatio the Skeleton-King.


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