Monday, June 13, 2005

ID Cards Pledge

I don't know if anyone here signed the NO2ID pledge (someone said they wouldn't register for a card if three million other people didn't either), but if so it's been withdrawn as of today and replaced with a smarter and more achievable goal.

"I will refuse to register for an ID card and will donate £10 to a legal defence fund but only if 10,000 other people will also make this same pledge."

— Phil Booth, NO2ID National Coordinator

And if you didn't sign the first time round - when I signed this morning only thirty-odd people had done so, and now it's over seven hundred. Keep it up?

[Clearly, I am revising hard. Er.]


At 3:17 pm, Blogger Sable X. Veins said...

I have signed both pledges.

At the time of signing the original pledge, 635 people had registered support.

At the time of signing the new pledge (9:10am Mountain Time/4:10pm GMT on Monday 13th July), 950 sympathisers had registered support.

Jump on board, kids.


At 7:14 pm, Blogger Withiel said...

I don't actually have £10. But that's not the point. I'll busk for it or something. Off to sign now.

At 7:20 pm, Blogger Laura said...

Good boy. I'll sell a couple of books, or something.

Incidentially, half for my own reference to read when I'm not supposed to be LEARNING THE FUCKING CONDITIONAL and half for anyone's interest - this looks pretty comprehensive and weighty.

At 7:29 pm, Blogger Sable X. Veins said...

It's "if".

At 7:31 pm, Blogger Laura said...

Very funny. I could curse you inventively in German, but actually, I think I'll go and try and stop myself failing tomorrow.

At 7:37 pm, Blogger Sable X. Veins said...

Don't be such a wimp, Durchfallficker. Just switch some umlauts round and you can bullshit German conditional.

At 7:40 pm, Blogger Laura said...

You mean 'Fickerin', Wichser.

At 8:05 pm, Blogger Sable X. Veins said...

Yes I do. But in today's PC society, where it is considered sexist to refer to a female actor as an actress, can you really blame me for forgetting the feminine suffix?


At 6:06 am, Blogger Laura said...

A feeble excuse. But Classical cursing is so much more fun anyway, irrumator caprarum.

At 3:27 pm, Blogger Sable X. Veins said...

Shit. I'm a little out of my depth with Latin. All I can deal with is penis non habet conscientiam and Caecilius est argentarius.

I prefer French, violeur de cheval.

At 3:35 pm, Blogger Laura said...

I haven't taken French in four years and can't think of anything but 'putain', but do remember a little bit of Spanish, jodido hijo de puta.

(Okay, this is just silly.)

At 7:07 pm, Blogger Sable X. Veins said...

Yes it is. And furthermore, I can't remember the Kisuahili for "white devil".


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