Saturday, November 06, 2004

Technical Difficulties

I apologise for what undoubtedly appears to be (and, in fact, is) more filler, but we're all too busy to entertain you right now.

Withiel, Thaddeus and Talyn are busy applying to universities. Withiel is also busy running a poster campaign for the Bisexual Semiotic Pollution Society, writing a graphic novel, and nursing his various hangovers. He and I have put any attempt to bring out the first edition of UHM (Unheard Magazine or simply "um...") on indefinite hiatus. I am busy rehearsing for four shows, two gigs and a concert, as well as running publicity for The Young Theatre (, whilst also attempting to compose something vaguely meaningful for any of the bands I'm supposedly a member of (at least two of which also include Withiel) and (apparently) trying to break into radio script-writing. Oh yes, whilst teaching four guitar students per week and working forty-two hours per week as a lab technician. Thaddeus is busy trying to regain consciousness, and Talyn is busy scripting/designing/filming several non-budget experimental shorts. Mr. Hazlenut has no excuse to my knowledge, however mercifully seems to have stopped posting anyway.

As soon as I've got enough "spare" time left to sleep in, and I've stopped crying, and I can't find anything mind-altering to consume, I promise some deeper insight into, for want of a better word, stuff. The same, of course, goes for Withiel, Thaddeus and Talyn.

In the meantime, however, since Withiel seems to have forgotten it, pray visit his new online gallery at and tell all your friends too.



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