Thursday, September 30, 2004

Why I Don't Hate Kevs

Please allow me to overgeneralise a moment: in my biased experience, those who prefer "alternative" music and lifestyle (the punks, goths and grungers of contemporary social pigeonholing) tend to be more intelligent, socially aware, and, dare I say it, sexually attractive, than they who follow the urban and pop music scene (the chads, kevs, townies -- what you will). Naturally, this leads me to accept and indeed laud the former whilst largely avoiding and mistrusting the latter. Except when I'm drunk, when the whole world makes sense.

However, unlike many, I do not hate kevs.

For while the townie is wearing over-tight jogging trousers and paper-thin "sports" tops, the grunger is wearing loose, baggy trousers and layers of comfortable clothing.

Give it twenty years.

Let's see who can't get it up because their genital bloodflow was constricted. Let's see who's lying abed with pneumonia, who has spent longer in jail for trivial charges, who is still alive.

Let's see, in short, which social influence will be perpetuating a greater proportion of humanity.


Never take anything anyone says too seriously.


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