Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Here's to Unorthodoxy

Fuck the British education system.

I'm off.

To Hell with A-levels, University, employment.

I have the intelligence, the balls, and the arrogance to make it without being screwed around by this pisspoor factorial charade (oh, it was supposed to be an educational policy? Really? It looked more like some sort of octopus...)

I'm going to learn a skill, then become a professional creator. Once I have a skill I'll never need to put myself in the state's power again. Even when I'm living on the poverty line as an artist.

I never thought it would come to this. I have always followed the beaten path trampled for me by the bleating throngs of the secure Western middle classes.

Now I'm sick of it. I will probably never get A-levels, and almost certainly never attend university - but I will escape the system, and I will prove I can make my way without it, because my bitter Christ this system needs breaking. I refuse to supplicate myself to the impersonal conformity-mould that is the product of some of our finest fucking committee-thinkers, they who would improve our efficacy as a nation of toil-obsessed unthinking employees through the gift of flow charts and paperwork and blanket policies and targets. Let's just be grateful that there weren't any real educators let in on the process, you know, those guys who do all the teaching and have been in the game for years, the ones who can see what the system is doing to its students, and know where it is failing those whom it is there to serve.

I never used to think about the academic route in this way. I was a good boy. I did what I was told - well - not really. But I believed in the process.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right...

See what you've done to me? I'm lucky. The inadequacy of the system caused me to leave it. For most the inadequacy of the system merely causes them to form part of an inadequate system.

I want to be the minority
I don't need your authority
Down with the moral majority, cos
I want to be the minority...

I will miss the Royal Grammar School. It pains me to have leave the Music, the Drama, the English, and (stunningly) the Combined Conformity Force - Army section. I was a corporal. Hey, I like playing with guns and climbing mountains. The authority there, being a school cadet force, was generally benevolent or bearable. And I made a point of not pressing my trousers or shaving. Ha. The petty things we do to empower ourselves.

Wish me luck.



At 10:14 pm, Blogger Sable X. Veins said...


That's why you shouldn't allow over-emotional substance-abusers editorial powers and free posting access to online journals.

Still, my point stands.


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